I Release You
Written by – AMY SKY

I’ve been weighted down
I’ve been waiting here
I’ve been frozen in time
Like a snowflake inside of a cloud
Been afraid to lose
One more piece of you
To let go of the pain
Cause it’s all that remains of you now

But I’m moving on
From the same sad song
So I have to say
These words I say


I release you
I release you
There’s a reason for every sorrow I know
There’s a time to hold on
And a time to let go
I release you
Go in peace, you
Taught me every lesson I needed to learn
But the tables have finally turned
And I release you
I release you

Oh the heart is deep
And the heart is wide
it can store every war every wound every word
Till it dies
But the heart has wings
And it longs to sing
If we open the windows and open the doors
It can try

But to find that place
Need to make some space
Cut these useless ties
And say oh I