Amy lends support to Hong Fook Mental Health Associaton

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Amy is proud to be working with the venerable Hong Fook Mental Health Association.  On Friday, May 4th Amy lent her support to this great organization . She shares their belief in prevention, and  helping people deal with all the challenges  that arise with mental health issues.  As an advocate for mental health,  Amy strongly believes that we should talk openly  and without stigma about  mental health.

Hong Fook believes in a ‘whole person’ health care approach which focuses on an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual and social concerns. For 30 years, Hong Fook has been a  leader in offering supportive services among the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean & Vietnamese communities for individuals living with mental illness. Hong Fook is also a pioneer in organizing community education on mental health. Their message is  that prevention is preferable to  treatment. From a 4 staff project offering cultural interpretation in 1982, Hong Fook has grown into a 60 plus staff community mental health organization providing a full continuum of services to promote Mental Health for All.

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