Amy Sky Produces Olivia Newton-John’s “A Celebration in Song”

Amy executive produced this collection for Olivia and freinds  – co-ordinating the efforts by all the generous collaborators who partcipated. Amy says:

All of the guests were wonderful to work with. Sir Cliff is such a pro, and he and Olivia have a magic sound together. It was a treat to work at Barry Gibb’s studio in Miami – he is a lovely man as well. I wasn’t there when Olivia went back to do her duet with him.

Delta is a brilliant talent, and three of us had an intense 72 hours at Gaia and in Byron Bay writing RIGHT HERE WITH YOU, and then recording it – start to finish in 3 days. It was sometimes hard for us to tell the two voices apart – they have a similar sheen and intensity.
we did manage to pack it in a heavenly spa treatment at Gaia- perfect for my intense jet lag! I cannot describe the beauty and transendance of that place. Pure Olivia, pure bliss! # 1 for good reason.

Melinda Schneider is full of energy and creativity,and she brought her amazing mother to the studio- who is a professional yodeller!

Did not get to met Jimmy Barnes, he sent us the vocal- I think he has such a soulful voice – leather and lace to Olivia’s.

Sun is a very gracious and elegant woman, and we had fun with her in NY. She is a huge star in China.

Ryan Dan and I recorded in Toronto – identical twins with identical voices. Their debut cd is out in the US worldwide now.

Jann did her vocals in Nashville. She is not only a great artist, but one of the funniest people I know. Check out her blogs at her website. She is a huge Olivia fan, maybe bigger than all of you put together!

So we globe trotted in record time- under 12 weeks to get this whole cd together. It was only going to be the Delta song at first- then Cliff came in- then it started to grow.

Amy Sky Produces Olivia Newton-John Record

Olivia Newton-John’s new CD Grace & Gratitude

The CD was recorded in Toronto, Canada with Amy Sky who also produced and co-wrote the CD. Olivia has worked in the past with Amy. Most recently they collaborated on songs together for the Stonger Than Before CD.

It can be found at :